The time has come to wrap up Phase 1 challenges and this one is a breeze compared to the others. Today I’ll be implementing a camera shake when the player takes damage.

When the player takes damage, provide a subtle camera shake.

Creating the Camera Shake

Since we’re working with the camera, I decided it would be practical to attach the script I’ll be creating on the camera directly. And since we’re creating an effect, I created a new script in my effects folder and named it “CameraShake” and attached it to the camera.

Opening the script I removed the start and update functions…

A while back I had to implement a thruster speed boost where the user could press shift to go faster. This system was very basic and had no cooldown so a player could potentially hold shift and have an indefinite speed boost. Today’s challenge will change that.

Create a UI element to visualize the charge element of your thrusters.
A cooldown system is required.

Boy, this challenge was by far the hardest. Seemed simple to implement but after 3 iterations I still couldn’t make the speed boost stop when you ran out of time. Everything else was working and I…

This is the final part of our elaborate secondary weapon I’ve been working on. It’s time to go big or go home!

So far all of my previous systems are in place, tested and awaiting their new weapon the “Orb of Destruction” (spoiler: it ended up looking more like an EMP cannon).

The secondary weapon will consist of two parts and each part will have a respective script for its behaviour. The first object is the “base” of the weapon which will spawn at the centre of the screen and will fire off 5 blasts with a cooldown of approx…

This is part 2 of a new weapon powerup that I’ve been working on that’s part of the Phase 1 set of challenges from the GameDevHQ Course. That article can be found here.

UI Systems

I decided to start implementing this weapon by creating the UI system first. Since we’ll be using a charge/energy system I decided to give the player 10 energy points and that the powerup would need 10 energy to fire the weapon.

Once I created the UI elements it was time to update the bar by creating a new public function in our UIManager. First I need to…

As I’m progressing through the challenges, I’ve noticed a challenge that intrigued me and scared me, but it also got me really excited. I reached out to the instructor to discuss my idea for the challenge vs what they were actually asking for.

Create a new form of projectile. You should already have a triple shot. Include something new from multi-directional shot to heat-seeking shots, etc.
Replace the standard fire for 5 seconds.
Spawns rarely.

They want us to create a new type of weapon to shoot when we collect the powerup. Following other people’s ideas on the program Slack…

Up until this point when we took damage and lost lives but we could not regenerate some of those lives. This forced me to play the game more carefully to see how much score I can rack up. Sometimes I make silly mistakes and eat both of those shots from the enemy causing me to lose 2 lives. Well, today we’ll be creating a health collectable that will regenerate lives if we collect a powerup.

Create a health collectable that heals the player by 1.
Update the visuals of the Player to reflect this.

We’ll be adding to our existing…

A few days ago I wrote an article where I implemented an ammo count system where the player has a limited amount of ammo they can shoot. Things turned out pretty well but we had one slight snag — we couldn’t regen the ammo if we ran out. Well, this is what today’s article is all about.

Today’s challenge is to implement an ammo collectable that will replenish our ammo when we collect a specific powerup.

Create a powerup that refills the ammo count allowing the player to fire again.

If you’ve been following my articles, you might remember we…

Credits: ByteBrew

Today’s article will be a bit different from the usual articles I write about. I want to share an upcoming solution called ByteBrew.

ByteBrew is the all-in-one solution for Mobile Game Developers. Their platforms give you everything to grow your games for free with real-time player analytics & monetization tracking, live ops tools and advertising attribution. They offer all of that and more in one easy to integrate SDK available for all major platforms and engines including Unity, Unreal, Godot and more.


In our space shooter game, the player can shoot as much as they want without an ammo limit and thus causes the game to be too easy since you can spam the fire button and move around giving enemies very little chance to defend themselves. In the Phase 1 Framework, we have another challenge to complete

Limit the lasers fired by the player to only 15 shots.
When the player is out of ammo, provide feedback through on-screen elements or sound effects. (ie: beep or ammo count displayed on screen.

Creating the UI

Since we needed to have visual feedback of how much…

Yesterday’s challenge was a “walk in the park” and I managed to implement what was required without much issue but today’s challenge is a bit harder to complete.

Visualize the strength of the shield. This can be done through UI on the screen or colour changing of the shield.
Allow for three hits on the shield to accommodate visualization

Currently, our shield only allows for one free hit without losing a life. Adding this functionality isn’t too hard but before we get into the “guts” of this feature I’ve thought of a few important things to consider before continuing:

  • I’ve…

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